Coaching Niche

Life Coaching

The aim of Life Coaching is to help people develop a vision for their own life values and personal mission and to determine and achieve personal goals. Life coaching is a future-focused practice that helps you identify the stumbling blocks in different areas of your life and assist you in prioritizing and addressing them and to give you the tools to be in the world as a powerful person. Life coaches motivate you to take on challenges and assist you with the follow-through to reach your goals faster, make better decisions, and improve your relationships. Life coaches apply different methods to help people achieve their objectives including values assessment, behavior modification, behavior modeling, goal-setting and other useful techniques.

Executive Coaching

The aim of Executive Coaching is to enhance the on-the-job performance of the executive. Executive Coaching is a one-to-one collaborative relationship between an executive and a coach. It helps equip leaders and encourages them to develop self-awareness, to bring about sustained behavioral change, to acquire new leadership strategies and tactics. Executive Coaching helps executives to deliver and surpass both their personal and corporate goals.

Career Coaching

The aim of Career Coaching is to help people produce extraordinary results in their lives and careers. Career coaches connect people with their passion, purpose, values and other critical aspects of their ideal work. They also facilitate enhanced self-awareness, clarity about goals as well as the ability to be effective in today’s changing workplace. Career coaches can also facilitate the process of developing and implementing a job search plan or business start-up plan as well as individual transformation to equip people with career management skills.

Business Coaching

The aim of Business Coaching is to create change and success primarily within your professional life and environment. It is about making improvements and changes so that you and your business perform at a much higher level, continually growing. As a company you can use Business Coaching to enhance and improve the connection and level of quality between your employees’ performance and goals and those of the company. The overall goal of business coaching is always focused on enabling growth, efficient productivity and increasing profits in order to make the business more successful and the business owner/executive more fulfilled.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a combination of traditional life coaching, lifestyle fitness coaching, sound nutrition, exercise, stress management and emotional intelligence. A wellness coach is equipped to help you reach the most optimal state of wellness you’re capable of. Your wellness coach gets you there if needed, or helps you stay there if you desire. Wellness coaching concentrates on the individual as a whole working on the mind, body and soul simultaneously. Wellness coaching improves lifestyle, behavior and reduces health risks.

Cultural Coaching

Cultural coaching assists organizations in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrant workforce; increase their global market share through cultural information, protocol or business etiquette; provide training tools and programs to help new employees transition to the workplace, manage diversity and foster effective cross-cultural communications.