Ethical Guidlines

As coaches at LCA, we earn public trust through exhibiting commitment to integrity and high ethical standards of our profession. LCA members refrain from any unethical behavior in their daily routines and towards clients. This is usually emphasized through an ongoing dialogue about ethics with clients; as well as other LCA members during the periodic monthly meetings.

Accordingly, every LCA coach has responsibility to:

  • Abide by the Code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF): click here
  • Request advice from the LCA Board or any fellow coach when an ethical issue arises.
  • Promptly report any known or suspected violation of the ethical code of conduct, laws and regulations, and/or other LCA policies and procedures.
  • Challenge any business practice or behavior that may undermine the principles of the Code of ethics and the integrity of LCA.
  • Cooperate in exploring any reported breach.
  • Refrain from engaging LCA in any political or religious activities or affiliations.

LCA Board Members have additional responsibilities to:

  • Setting high professional standards for coaching in Lebanon and beyond.
  • Creating the space to share learning and effective coaching tools; in addition to disseminating and developing the best practice possible.
  • Serving as a liaison between prospective clients and its network of accredited coaches.