Our Mission

LCA aspires to excel as a valuable, effective and influential organization to provide support to both the community at large and to its own members.

Community Focus

  • Fostering a sense of trust in the profession by identifying well-credentialed coaches.
  • Becoming a source of valuable information ( i.e. sharing recent research findings and different means of self-development).
  • Introducing positive change through free events and programs open to the public.

Members Focus

LCA is, also, a platform and a network for like-minded accredited coaches enabling its members to grow through:

  • Setting high professional standards for coaching in Lebanon and beyond.
  • Creating the space to share learning and effective coaching tools; in addition to disseminating and developing the best practice possible.
  • Serving as a liaison between prospective clients and its network of accredited coaches.

Our Vision

LCA has a 5 year plan long term vision. We have dreams and are dedicated to eventually:

  • Become a leader in the development of the professional coaching practice in Lebanon and the MENA region.
  • Become an authoritative source on coaching information for the public.
  • Form a chapter for ICF in Lebanon.
  • Be a model for other coach associations in the region.
  • Hold a community targeted event once a year where influential speakers can benefit the audience.
  • Increase LCA membership.