Aida Beshwati

Executive Coach, Life Coach
Fanar – Metn –Lebanon
03-906 606 / 01-977 368
Aida has 42 years of experience in the banking sector with Bank Audi – Audi Saradar Group. During this long journey she climbed the career ladder from a front teller to a branch manager then to area manager until she reached the headquarters as an executive coach. Self-development is an important aspect in her career life, as well as her personal and social life. For this particular reason she travelled to London to get her coaching certificate.
Among her many talents are empowering people around her, identifying their strength at an early stage, and pushing them to self-development. Many of her employees were promoted to higher positions such as branch managers.
In 2009 she became a senior internal coach. She coaches newly appointed managers or managers who are experiencing difficulties in their professional skills and in their business behavioral attitude. She helps them find the best way to integrate an organization culture, build a team and apply procedures. She is a trustful person, approached by her colleagues and family members for advice in professional and life matters.
In December 2010, she semi-retired while still exercising the same functions at Bank Audi – Audi Saradar Group. In addition to her career, she is passionate about helping others. She is striving to become a professional and personal life coach for people who believe they require help in finding their priorities, taking adequate decisions and removing barriers to achieve their goals.