Carla Kechichian

Family and Teenager Coach
They say you’re not wealthy until you have something money can’t buy. Your family is precious and you deserve to have a fantastic relationship with your spouse and children. Do you want to stay on auto-pilot, only reacting and leaving things to chanc
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Carla is passionate about helping couples create the type of family other people would only dream of. She helps them overcome the differences that are drifting them apart and shows them how to keep the sparkle between them as alive as when the love was young.
She will reveal to parents all the secrets on how to create extraordinary bounds with their kids and specially their teenager and how to change their approach and become: "Parent as Coach”.
Carla is also brilliant in working with teenagers, evoking excellence in them by teaching techniques on how to accept, love and respect themselves, adapt to the rapid changes of life and have a vision of their future.