Dania Dbaibo Darwish (PCC)

Career Coach, Life Coach
Born to effect positive change
Beirut - Lebanon
009 613 - 686958
Dania "walks the talk” of self-development & leads by example. She transformed from a home-stay mom to a successful career woman passionate about supporting those motivated to grow on personally &professionally. Originally, she’s a holder of a BBA (AUB) with 5 years experience in marketing consumer products. She, then, shifted paths to pursue a Masters focused on Clinical & Organizational Psychology (AUB). Finding joy in the "helping profession”, she had her training as a counselor at AUBMC, & additionally acquired certifications as a Professional Coach (ICA -ICF accredited & reached the PCC level), a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner (INLPTA), Hypnotherapist (NGH) & EMDR therapist (EMDRIA). She is, also, a published author in the Journal of "Applied Psychology: An International Review” (2010).

Dania has established her solopreneur practice of "STRIDES” since 2010 as a Coach, Counselor, & Trainer. Her experience as a Psychology instructor at AUB & LAU for years led her to becoming the motivational speaker she is today. She appears as a weekly TV guest speaker on LBC & occasionally on other TV channels. Her excitement to serve others in her community extends to being involved in several NGOs: Founding President of the Lebanese Coach Association (currently serving as VP), member of the ICF, member of the Lebanese Psychological Association, board member of EMDR Association Lebanon & a member at large with "Zamanouna” charity committee. She considers herself on a mission: "to effect positive change” in multiple ways. Dania is known for her upbeat & dynamic positive personality