Josiane Khoury

Life Coach, Career Coach
Water the roots to enjoy the fruits. What does not kill you strengthen you
Sin el Fil – Jisr el Wati – Patriarch Meouchi Street – Chaoul bldg – 6th floor
961 01 510808 – 961 03 206072
Josiane is a Certified Master life coach from the American University of NLP - AUNLP. She holds a professional change coaching certification from the Change Coaching Institute, Insurance diploma from University Saint Joseph – USJ, administrative diploma from Francel Institute and several other certifications and learning related but not limited to: Marketing, Quality, Creativity, lateral thinking, communication, conflict resolution, leadership, NLP and heart intelligence accelerated awakening. 
Josiane enjoyed a dynamic and successful career at Khalil Fattal & Fils SAL, spanning more than 25 years of experience during which she occupied several positions as: Marketing coordinator, Personnel head of department, Market research & Marketing manager, Brand manager, Senior audit officer and Policy and Procedures Editor. Few years ago, Josiane felt a passion towards coaching and she combined her long work experience with her interest in the self-development field to make of this combination a coaching consultancy career. 

Josiane specialty is life and career coaching. She coach individuals during their different life transitions and guide them to embrace and navigate successfully the change dynamics. Her focus is: students developing career orientation, professionals aspiring career transition, and individuals suffering divorce, significant loss or middle age crisis. Josiane coach her clients in meetings, over the phone, via Skype and e-mail.