Michèle Dagher Fattal

Life Coach, Career Coach
“Accompagner le mouvement, la transition créatrice”
Beirut - Paris
+ 33 6 15 41 50 74
Born and educated in Lebanon, Michèle has worked in the Education field for over ten years.
In 1990, she moved to Paris and worked for an antiquarian, with the next challenge being motherhood! Once her two children were independent, she decided to return to work and a keen interest in human relations soon led her into coaching.
Michèle’s multicultural background and changes in lifestyle have broadened her horizons, leading to a sensitive and open attitude to life. 

Today, Michèle divides her time between France and Lebanon.
She is a fully trained coach and a graduate of "Coach Academie” in Paris. A specialist in individuals and families, Michèle will be your partner in the attainment of the goals you value most, with coaching that is practical and appropriate to every situation. She will be by your side to help you change your vision of life, with kindness, integrity and candor. 

Personal transformation is inherent to life:

Welcome your changes !
Increase yourself awareness !
Improve yourself confidence and leadership potential!
Make sense of your life !