Nadine Abdel Khalek

Life Coach, Career Coach
Find magic in your self
Sodeco, 75th str., La Brillante, 9th flr
She believes that giving is a secret to a fulfilling life. Always interest in growing and developing, Nadine initially studied Archaeology at the USEK and started her career as an Admin coordinator. While pursuing a Postgraduate degree in Archaeology focusing on sociopolitics and demography, she realized how inclined she was to evolve in the humanitarian field. Nadine is a social activist and a certified life and career coach from ICA accredited by ICF. Besides this, Nadine pursued her MBA degree concentrating on management.

After 10 years of experience in profit companies Nadine moved to NGOs where she add up 7 more years to her experience ladder .Her enthusiasm was not limited to training project as the manual to combat child labor but she was also actively involved in implementing development projects as the online Learning as part of the long life Learning program.

Her altruist nature can only be satisfied when transforming others lives coz people will never forget how you made them feel. Her driving motto is: the best medicine for human is love. Loving your self-unconditionally is a radical act.
She will dance with you in this journey, which will assist you and ensure a work- life balance. She will help you to inspire and maximize your personal and professional potential. She will support you to explore and discover the ideal you.