Nancy Dheeresha Abdo

Well being & executive coach
I help you create a positive change in your inner and outer world.
Beirut - Lebanon
+961 3 372345
As a Certified Leadership & Positive Change Coach, Stress Reduction Expert & Inner Balancing Consultant, Nancy has dedicated her life to helping others achieve well-being, balance and personal empowerment. She is the founder of Stay Positive in Lebanon, whose main objective and purpose is to bring awareness on how to release stress in practical and fun ways and regain balance, clarity & personal power. By creating efficient and creative frameworks to living in balance, she has reached thousands in Lebanon. 
Following her 2-year sabbatical in India during 2003, and more years of training in Healing & Coaching modalities in Mexico, Holland and Sweden, Nancy shifted her career from Head of TV Production department in renowned International Advertising agencies to becoming an expert in supporting people to create a positive change in their personal and professional lives. Today she uses all of her 12-year corporate life experience, combined with her subsequent 12 years of working in personal empowerment, to support individuals and groups in creating a work life balance and to live to their full potential. 
Nancy is also a Trainer, Relationships dynamics Specialist & Motivational Speaker. Some of the Tools she uses include: Innovative Coaching frameworks, including Louise Hay techniques, Osho emotional release therapies, Reiki & Pranic healing energy balancing, Medical Stretching Yoga and generously shares all what helped her change her life to the better.
In addition to her daily one-on-one Coaching services, Nancy organizes and provides Wellbeing Retreats & Workshops throughout Lebanon.