Rania Hammoud

Life Coach
You and I, then power of two minds together...,
+971 50 794 1093
Born in the country of Cedars, Lebanon and resident of the Maples country, Canada since 2001.

In her first life, where she spent 10 years, she worked as an analyst programmer with a Masters in computer sciences from Lebanese American University (LAU). She developed databases and worked for small enterprises as well as middle and large ones, in technology, banking, and insurance and health fields.

In her second life, where she has been living since 2004, she has been working as a senior security analyst, with a Management diploma from McGill, electronic commerce concentration and a CISM certificate (Certified Information Security Manager). she develops politics and procedures, and insures that laws, regulations and best practices are applied at the enterprise. 

In her third life, where she has always lived without her knowing until 2009, she is a life coach and she is currently preparing my certificate with www.coaching.qc.ca. She works with the individual on their personal life challenges as well as on their professional issues, to remove any obstacles, take challenges, develop their potential, and achieve specific objectives.

Life, human beings, their behavior and their reactions that are unique to each person have always intrigued her.

She is considered as a spiritual person and she thinks that we need our three dimensions to have a ZEN life: physical, mental and spiritual.

She is neither a therapist nor a consultant: Just your partner coach!