Roberto Moussi

Life Coach
+961 3 228 997
He is a dreamer and an achiever.He always dreamt of achieving great things in his life. He never settled down for simple things. He is always on the move.

Roberto is an expert in sales and worked as an insurance sales agent for a long time. This job gave him a lot of insights into the human nature, why and how people act or react in a specific way.

He is the founder and general manager of a mutual fund and several other organizations. He refined through these activities his leadership skills.

He has a degree in economics, insurance, life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) and a certificate as a fire walking instructor.

He lived an intense life, full of insights, changes and experiences. He had to break lot of ‘mental chains’ and fears in order to grow. He applied self development for a long time and he spent years looking for his life mission. He has a beautiful life experience to share.

He is now a life coach and adore inspiring and changing people for the best they can be.

He is a social entrepreneur and he has on my agenda great projects he wants to achieve.