Psychometric Tests

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This psychometric assessment analyzes a person’s way of gathering information, and the way he/she makes decisions and their preference to be/work around people or alone. Key applications of MBTI: self-understanding and development, career exploration, relationship and family counseling, team building.

The Birkman Method

This psychometric assessment analyzes a person’s interests (interests are the main motivators in life), usual behavior as well as his/her needs and stress behavior. It also identifies the person’s areas of excellence at work and his/her management style.
Key applications of The Birkman Method: Career management and exploration, conflict resolution, coaching, team building, self-development and leadership development.


The DiSC learning instrument can help a person gain insight and better understand the strengths and challenges of his/her behavioral style. This instrument captures how a person act, his/her behaviors and emotions.
Key applications: team building, conflict management, sales training, performance coaching.

Firo –B

This assessment is designed to measure how personal needs impact one’s behaviors toward other people. The measurement is in 2 dimensions: expressed behavior and behavior desired from others.
Key applications: team building, personal development, conflict management.